Frequently Asked Questions

Just some quick FAs to help you through the adoption process.

WE will contact YOU. Please be patient! We are volunteers working diligently to read all the applications. It can take one week for us to get back to you. Once we have reviewed your application, if appropriate, the next step is to do a phone interview with us.

It may take one week for us to get back to you. Between reading applications, rescuing new pups, caring for the pups we have, and coordinating the adoption events, we can get quite busy. But rest assured, your application is being reviewed!

The rescue is based out of foster homes. Our “home base” is in Warwick, RI.

Given that our pups are often in foster homes, that is not possible. On the day of adoption, we encourage you to spend time with your pup. Prior to adoption, we encourage applicants to speak with foster pawrents ask questions.

If interested in adoption, the first step is to fill out an application.

Given the extensive number of applications, we do not have the staffing to answer questions unless an application has been submitted and gone through the preapproval process. We wish we had the capacity to field everyone’s question, but with the limited volunteer staffing available, that cannot be done! During the phone interview is the best time to ask questions.

If the pup is listed, then they are available. However, there may be other applications that have been submitted and are under review

Our adoption fee is $650.

The $650 adoption fee goes towards the cost of spay/neuter, microchipping, deworming, all age-appropriate vaccinations, and any additional medical attention needed. It also covers the cost of food, water, shelter and transport. While it sounds like a lot, we want to be clear - dogs are very expensive!

There are several reasons why we cannot approve someone to adopt one of our pups. Most often, we have more wonderful applications than we have dogs. We look at our role as matchmakers. We strive to find the perfect fit between person and dog so that both humans and pups are happy!

Closed to applications” means that at this time, we have numerous applications for this pup. If this is the case, we would advise, if you’re seriously interested in adopting, to consider another one of our available pups.

Adoption pending” means that at this time, we have found a suitable applicant for this pup and are moving to the next phase of the adoption process.

This will be discussed during the phone interview process. Please be advised that if pre-approved, on the day of adoption, you will need to bring all members of your family residing in the home, this includes your four-legged friends.

This will be discussed further during the phone interview process, but please make sure this is conveyed in your application to ensure you are matched with an appropriate pup.

Please submit ONE application that lists all the dogs that you are currently interested in.

If you are interested in another pup and your application has already been submitted, please submit another application with all dogs for which you are interested. This will ensure we have all the information in one place.

We do have access to applications submitted during previous months, however due to the large volume of applications, it is not always easy for us to go through current and previously submitted applications. We do encourage you to resubmit an application, as information could have changed.

You will receive a confirmation email stating that your application has been submitted. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder as it may have been flagged as spam. If you have not received this confirmation email then, we have not received your application.